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Everest eats people:
The glacier cracks a hundred metres deep
gulp down the climbers that slip like flies
to the pitch white throat. It chews them down
then shits them out centuries later, still fresh, their flesh
just slightly mulched and brown.
Yet Himalaya's tourists convey themselves up pre-fixed ropes
wheezing thick air through gas masks
safely wrapped in North Face insulated clothes,
trudging upwards in procession; multitudinous droves.
K2 once shed a truck of rock where escalator-ropes
were hitched. Two dozen novice
mountaineers stranded in the death zone's hell:
One by one they chanced the cliff,
some lived, some froze, some fell.
All this waste to say
'I conquered the tallest mountains there to climb.'
By pulling hand over hand on rope, following a line.
:iconabcat:AbCat 4 1
The eyes of Hubble zoom
to the darkest point of the blackest square.
Galaxies sharpen from the gloom
and on this cosmic bloom
I stare.
The history of a trillion races
told within a tragic dot of yellow haze;
a smear of light two pixels wide
nine hundred quadrillion miles
from side to side...
I can nearly hear their voices.
The enlightened breed of alien birds
snuffed out by a single cosmic cough
and the fish-like beasts who dreamed
to fly between the isles of stars like beams:
Your screams have been observed.
:iconabcat:AbCat 1 0
The hands that cast the mould that made the plough
that dug the dirt for crops to make the dough
that makes our bread - they let us grow.
The souls who drive the trucks each waking hour
from farm to store to shop give us our power -
it makes them dead - and we devour.
Each morsel grows from dirt to plant to food
we tear a piece and sell so it's construed
we do our bit - we don't - we just collude.
And while each toiler keeps us from our graves
so we keep them trapped in their enclaves,
to tell ourselves each night - we don't own slaves.
:iconabcat:AbCat 72 12
August Haiku
one million colours
only seven words
a new bloom
of parking tickets
Saturday morning -
a drunk man stumbles
out of a leylandii
lawn mowing day -
in the office
15 people sneezing
dry summer -
the horses and the meadow
are the same colour
a new route -
dead flowers adorn
the Pelican Crossing
:iconabcat:AbCat 7 6
September Cat Haiku
A purring cat
tramples across my keyb
:iconabcat:AbCat 14 10
Facebook Haiku
England -
under a mackerel sky
Council estate
the birds mimicking
car alarms
:iconabcat:AbCat 3 13
Tree by AbCat Tree :iconabcat:AbCat 304 64
Mature content
Work - Part I :iconabcat:AbCat 5 11
Seeing dots and lines
the dust cells on my eyeballs
frolic with swallows
:iconabcat:AbCat 2 11
There isn't any dust beneath the sill or on the table top,
nor feral herds of towels that grazed across the slimy bathroom floor
she didn't even leave the film of sludge along the qwertyuiop
and now the packs of shoes are ranked and filed behind the wardrobe door.
I swear to you the flies that danced beneath the lamp will now salute
before departing doubletime upon some military chore,
the banishment of chaos has been arbitrary, absolute,
but there is no order for me in this order any more.
The iron sweeps across my shirts unploughing all the rutted cloth,
the fruit bowl houses fruit where once the coins and screws and bills were stowed,
on pressing my remote I find the button to the TV off,
the towels and shoes agree with me when I confer; she has to go.
:iconabcat:AbCat 6 11
Fish Girl
An island sits there five miles off the bay
You can see it from the harbour in the town
A plaque commemorates that fateful day,
That Leira swam to sea but never drowned.
A lonesome child, her grace and wit were marred
By aspirations further than a niche;
She longed to be the creatures she admired,
The creatures that she longed to be were fish.
Her parents thought her silly and obtuse
To deviate so far from trusted ends,
But felt it would be equal to abuse
Not to let her watch her piscine friends.
So every weekend saw her by the sea
Or in the shops that sold their fish in tanks,
She fed them with some bread or celery
And in return the fish would swim their thanks.
One sunny day she ventured to the docks
In search of further friends beneath the sea
But there she found the mother of all of shocks,
A fishing boat, unloading on the quay.
She screamed and cried and begged the men to stop
The murder of the thousands of her friends,
But the fish were killed and passed on to a shop
That sold he
:iconabcat:AbCat 3 15
November and
storm clouds loiter
in the boardroom
over seething mugs
of lava-red coffee.
Fists crash like Thor
onto firm and polished
panels, juddering a folderful
of sales reports to a precipice...
Tuesday and
the dole queue lengthens.
A kid considers if removing
his baseball cap on meeting
will improve his chances.
Crap job heroes, martyred
by steel works closures,
stand reflected in stained
glass puddles, like saints.
2011 and
the factory burns
rioters tying gas-stained
rags to wine bottles,
hurling haphazard bombs at
lines of police shields.
The armoured van ploughs on,
a smouldering plushie straddled
on its bonnet, cursing.
:iconabcat:AbCat 4 19
To my love:
I saw these
and thought of me.
:iconabcat:AbCat 8 13
  Wasp swings low
   as a sweet chariot
  carried home on the
   ethanol of sun seasoned
    pears that blur the trees
   until it seems that they are seen
    through droning wings. 'Leave
     that nest and build your own,'
      the cider addled instinct sings.
     Wasp swings low
    as a grandfather-
   clock's pendulum
  plumb, caught high
   struck dumb by an ox-
    tail's swing, and thus
     flung flat to the ground.
     Wasp swings low
    as a drought-dwindled
     river through gardens
      flowing unwelcome to
       dining tables, shooed
      away from dessert waft
:iconabcat:AbCat 7 9
Command the Houses of Parliament to rise as a behemoth
horned out of the red floods of hell, its shadows furred
into a wolfish pelt, while sunblaze coughs through the muddy
ash of Krakatoa and the Thames ruts itself into ploughed farms
of English blood. Twist the dark light of steeples into the sky,
lash the green shadows down onto fishless water, bulge
the clouds like breathing breasts, beating from sky to ground
with mauve and leaden rain, stressing mist into the spaces
between eyesight and entity, until all is streaked and flayed.
Thrash the Fecamp rocks with hooked waves until the white
sea-dust steams out of its pores and the undercut cliffs
stoop to shelter crying birds, while the grey burn of the
sky scrapes across in a conveyor belt of factory swiftness.
Whip the grass to matted lumps and strip trees bare
until they are gripping onto the earth for one last bite,
while shrubs glow crimson and salted violet by air
carried across four thousand miles of wilderness and livid
:iconabcat:AbCat 2 2
I could never dream of English
rains that lashed the slabs of Cornish
paves, as a wild clawed cat paws
waves into boats onto rocks
unto death. Hear the slosh
slosh slosh of Mousehole harbour's
bathtub slop; see the gulls flying
backwards, the rainbows as warning
flags, the white horses blowing
up the cliff and over the heath,
taste the wind-nipped salt
drying on your lips. Once I felt
the lightning buzz before
it cleaved a nearby birch in two,
once saw the eye of Men-an-Tol
winking in the storm, and fish
jumping for their very lives
straight into the mouths of birds.
The sea is everywhere. It bites
at our ankles, gnaws at the crags
in cliffs until the whole world
tumbles into its steaming maw.
It rises and falls, rises and falls,
hailing into the flanks of miserable
animals on the storm-sodden tor.
Do they pine, as we do, for one
last breath of stagnant summer?
:iconabcat:AbCat 179 77

Random Favourites

Having been labelled as being 'self absorbed' on the politics forum lately, I feel I ought to at least practice the crime I am accused of. Here are some of my personal highlights from that part of my life from the past few seasons.

On libertarianism: "I'm simply pointing out the potential for evil in such an environment. Evil is a misrepresentation of most political movements, however in libertarian society there is no denying the wiggle-room for evil becomes more of a wiggle-hall - a veritable jazz ballroom of evil bebopping."…

On the price of gold and goats: "Gold was actually $1177.21 per ounce on April 26 2010, and is currently $1533.79 per ounce. [link] A good performance for sure, but by no means a tripling. In fact other commodities, such as oil, [link] land, [link] and goats [link] have performed far better during the same time period."…

On conscription: "Forcing someone into fighting is an immoral and criminal offence, and if they are killed in action, in my view, it is murder. You can dress that up with nationalist and officious terms like 'enlistment' and 'national service' if you like, but it's still murder, especially as in the last 50 years, the wars have been almost entirely unnecessary."…

On capitalism and socialism: "Ideologically, the economy of a country with taxation and governmental programs will always be centralised to a degree. Certain things, like health, education, energy, police, and in some instances transport, become nationalised because people regard these things as too important to trust to the free market. Corporations aren't necessarily these evil giant versions of Pacman™ gliding around and eating everything in their way, but they are run by humans, and humans being human, tend to be self-serving, leaving areas that aren't profitable to neglect and ruin. When the interests of those services are orientated around the customer rather than profit, such neglect is negated, and people can trust these organisations to provide a good service irrespective of their circumstances. A country is only as much as its people, and it makes sense to invest in their well being so that they may better contribute to the state of the country."…

On socialism and capitalism: "Where there is economy, where there is business, where there is money, where people do favours and errands, where people perform any sort of work at all, there is, in essense, exploitation. Everyone is effectively exploiting and being exploited as they buy and sell goods and services. Rather than hankering for a revolution, which will never negate such a cycle, it is best to realise the best value for your goods and services by thorough negotiation and exercising choice, which is actually, er, capitalism."…

On poisoning in food-chains: "Seafood is a different kettle of fish, ahem, than your run of the mill pig-mincing-farm. Everything we eat from the sea is a wild animal - we have no control over what they eat or where they swim before we catch them, and yet simultaneously we treat the sea like a landfill site for all sorts of nasty chemicals you wouldn't want anywhere near a dinner plate. That shit's gonna come around and bite us on the arse."…

On party politics: "In the UK, party politics are a scourge on democracy. There remains a system known as 'whipping' whereby someone who votes in the chamber contrary to party lines can be expelled from the party and forced to stand as an independent in the following election if they wish to retain their seat. While there ought to be some consensus within parties on general ideology, I find this sort of disciplining to be a detestable fart in the face of freewill and independent morality."…

On welfare in the UK "What I love most is the moral panic whenever a couple in their early 20s try to start a family [...] The problem is that the middle managers and business world in general has made a concerted effort to rip off young people when they claim their pay packets, placing emphasis on experience over talent and hard work, meaning that the majority of young people will always struggle to support a family financially. It's little wonder people turn to benefits when the commercial world offers so little by means of support for young families."

On the BNP: "Yes, there are problems surrounding immigration, largely due to lacklustre education and integration, exploitation of labour, and incompatible asylum procedures. Well done, Nicolas, for pointing that one out. I hadn't noticed. It is fortunate though that most British people have a more grown up approach to dealing with immigration than the BNP's 'blame them for everything and send them packing' idiocy."…

On Anglo-American relations: "Also, since banking is the way Americans do gambling, and since British bankers think sub-prime means 'nearly very good', whoever is in charge also gets to decide, albeit indirectly, whether there'll be a job market when I come to leave university or not. We Brits shall blame you Americans for everything, damn it, and it's so totally your fault because it says so on the news, and the only consolation for us is that we can 'accidentally' forget to install a safety valve in a high pressure oil rig and make a nice mess on your doorstep for you to clean up."…

On the oppression of whites in America: "You didn't notice the water cannon and hordes of riot police beating up innocent white protesters pleading for their right to vote? No, I didn't notice it either."…

On the morality of immigration: "So it's illegal because it's wrong because it's wrong because it's illegal?"…

On post 9/11 wars: "None of this even safeguards anyone from terrorism - Bin Laden's death is a meaningless and Pyrrhic victory. His position as a figurehead of anti-American fanaticism is easily replaced. 6500 American soldiers, $1.4 trillion dollars in tax, and America's short-lived credibility as a benevolent policenation, are gone forever."…

On 'taking back America': "What it actually means is exactly what is says on the tin. To take back American prosperity and rights, away from whomever has been empowered over the last few decades; gay people, black people, female people, poor people, and give it back to wealthy businessmen, power brokers and fundamentalist Christians. Make no mistake about it, this is dangerous shit."…

This rigmarole… in response to that rigmarole…

On animals in politics: "The snake you speak of is the Republican party, although I think of it more as a squirming tapeworm, leeching itself fat from the hard work of American people."…

On abortion: "Dude, the day you get full sexual reassignment surgery, have a seven pound baby implanted in your abdomen and then forced to squeeze it through your neo-vagina, whether you like it or not, is the day you get to tell women that abortion is wrong. Until then, shut the fuck up."…

This sermon and its resultant discussions on atheism.…

On scientific flaws in the bible: "Genesis would be a very long, boring book if it said the earth was made in 1.6 trillion days instead of just 7: And lo, on the 1,467,505,317,894th day there was borne a fish which had slightly mutated cervical vertebrae, which thus enabled it to better raise its head to breathe air while its body remained submerged. And God saw that it was good and proclaimed that it was good. - Genesis 878,309,494:1409"

On Fox News and Al Jazeera: "One is a fanatical and hysterical religious supremacist propaganda channel posing as news and the other one is Al Jazeera."…

On little girls dancing to Beyonce "Never mind the skimpy costumes and the hip-pumping. Nothing quite beats the true horror of seeing young people enjoy themselves, does it?"…

It has been a fun few years on there. The amount of drivel, hogwash and bollocks I have spouted could amount to a whole mountain of guano, but I feel it is important to compile some of it somewhere, at least so people can look at it and wonder who the fuck I am.


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